Rick Perry, Man of Faith!

Apparently Rick Perry decided not enough people have laughed at him yet, because a couple of days ago he released this video. Over at Slate, Amanda Marcotte provides the rundown:

In a short 30 seconds, Perry takes a swipe at gay soldiers, pretends that he’s being oppressed and maligned for being a Christian, implies that Obama is an atheist (or possibly Muslim) out to destroy religion (by which he clearly means Christianity), and claims that kids are suffering from being barred from praying or celebrating Christmas in school, which is not only false but also bewildering. When I was kid, having the day off to celebrate at home and not school was part of what [made] Christmas so great, after all, and I can’t imagine kids have changed that much.

On the other hand, has there ever been a candidate with hair this good?


One thought on “Rick Perry, Man of Faith!

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