Make Your Own Kind of Music

New years’ resolutions this year are unusually ambitious. But I’m expecting this to be a pretty consequential year. Here they are:

–         Learn the piano

–         Spend only half an hour day on the Internet (eek!)

–         Reread the whole Bible

–         Pray for an hour a day

–         Write for an hour a day (journaling can sometimes manage both at once)

–         Find a religion (ahem) and convert

–         Develop new paradigms

–         Be normal, glowing, and attractive

Loose threads will be resolved; frayed relationships will be mended. And, at last, I will become the man I was born to be!

Time to get moving! And by moving, I mean, “stand completely still,” for that is how things happen.

I may have to watch this scene from LOST every single day.


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