Ten Years

Ten years ago today I began keeping a journal on my computer – a journal that is ongoing, and now numbers close to 12,000 pages. Today, I celebrate that achievement.

Here is how I began my first journal back in February 2003 (my junior year of college):

“And what is a Boze? Boze was a small creature, 5-foot-four and shrinking, mysteriously; ninety pounds and sixteen years old at the time of this writing. He loved peace and quiet and the good earth. He did not like machines much, except for this computer which allowed him to fulfill his great love, writing.

“He lived in tiny Manvel, Texas, but adored the small town ten miles to the south, the great city of Alvin, where he went to beautiful Alvin High School, that lovely, tree-strewn, hundred-year old campus. It was his Junior year. A Christian and a writer, he held a post on the School Newspaper Staff and joined in all the activities, classes, and clubs sponsored by his teacher and mentor, Donna Pauley.

“His best friends included P.J. Walker, who had also skipped a grade in school as a young boy; [name redacted], who consistently fought with Boze; Boze’s former crush, [name redacted], whom he regarded with a mixture of admiration and regret; and Boze’s unofficial (at this point) best friend, Eric Booth, who spoke of Life in a strange tone of reverence and awe.

“He feared he may have been overly confident, but he liked to think that it was not himself that he loved, but rather the strange and mysterious realm that beckoned him outside his door each morning, the wide world at his feet.

“And so this is the absolutely indispensable account, in his own words, of Boze’s travels through the earth in his sixteenth year, with all that he discovered, and all that he came to love.”


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