The Cross and the World

I hear people talking a lot about the fundamental distinctions between the Church and the World. This week, I’ve been pondering the differences between the way of the World and the way of the cross.


            The World says, “Love your friends. Love your family.”


            The cross says, “Great! But don’t stop there. Love your enemies. Love foreigners. Love those who are nothing like you. Pray for those who bully you and hate you and send bombs to destroy your country.”


            The World says, “Let death overtake them!”


            The cross prays, “Forgive them.”


            The World says, “Isolate yourself from the contamination of these people and their wicked ways.”


            The cross says, “Go among them and love them with the love of God.”


            The World says, “Take up your sword. Victory can only be attained through strength of arms.”


            The cross says, “Take up your cross, for you were not called to slay your enemies, but to save them. Only through love is hate conquered. Brute force can never be but a temporary remedy, but nothing can overcome a love that rejoices in laying down its life.”



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