Song Friday: “Alaska” (The Silver Seas)

Silver-Seas_Alaska_coverI ran across these guys after one of their songs was used as the final song of the first season of Breaking Bad. I was inspired to listen to their whole discography, and I have to say, of all the songs I’ve heard this year, this one is probably my favorite. It’s gorgeous, sad, nostalgic, hopeful, and swooningly romantic.

And I have no idea what it’s about. Maybe someone can enlighten me.


3 thoughts on “Song Friday: “Alaska” (The Silver Seas)

  1. First of all, beautiful tribute to the best state in the country. I listened a couple times, and I think that he’s analogizing (think that’s the word I need) his love and longing for the way he lived in Alaska to the way he felt about a first / significant girlfriend that he’s also missing.

    Man, that song made me miss Alaska!

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