No Longer a “Forerunner” – Part One

My friend Jessie shares her thoughts about why she no longer considers herself a forerunner with a special mission to prepare the world for the last generation.

Like A Gazelle

In reviewing my past year, I have grown to find that giving myself permission to question can take me deeper into truth. Being a truth-seeker, I spent some time questioning the “Forerunner Message” as presented to me over the past 3 years in participation with the International House of Prayer – Kansas City. In the past few years, I have swallowed whatever was preached, without question, (which is my own fault, I admit) but have found myself feeling fearful, hurt, used, and full of self-blame for these emotions. It has now been nearly a year since I stepped away from this ministry, and have had some time to heal, process, and take a closer look at how a high-pressure religious organization kept me motivated to stay within its ranks by calling me a “forerunner.” I will outline a few elements that made it easy for me to buy into the…

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