Micah Moore’s Trial Is Cancelled

Prosecutors announced today that they’re dropping all charges against Micah Moore related to the death of our friend Bethany.

You can read the full, 15-page motion written by the defense to see why they came to this conclusion. (Warning: it’s a long, depressing read):

Please keep the family and friends of all involved in your prayers at this time.

3 thoughts on “Micah Moore’s Trial Is Cancelled

  1. I was reading about this case last night. So heartbreaking. Was this a sect of IHOP gone bad, or do you have issues with the IHOP group as a whole? I visited an IHOP church once and was very, very uncomfortable.

  2. I just dont understand. That was not a suicide. Someone murdered her. Did anyone get charged for sexual assault against her? That was admitted in the article.

    And I am so, so sorry.

    But just because the american courts failed doesnt mean justice wont come. It will. That man is broken inside and I believe that when you do that to yourself, the only path to healing is through yourself… I very much doubt that he wants to look inside. Imagine being that disgusted with yourself.

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