The Devil’s Theology: Seven Lies from Hell

Nazgul[ Crossposted from No Longer Quivering, a member of the Spiritual Abuse Survivor’s Network ]

The pastor begins Bible study with a short prayer and immediately dives into his notes. I can sense the eagerness in his voice. The Lord is really going to speak to us through this message, he says. “When I started writing out what I wanted to say, it was like the Spirit just downloaded the information into my brain. I was the one holding the pen, but God was the one writing.” Continue reading


Fourteen Questions About Heaven (Peter Kreeft)

angels&saints123Ran across this GREAT article by Catholic professor and writer Peter Kreeft answering fourteen of the most commonly asked questions about life in heaven, including:

Can the dead see us?

Is there music in heaven?

Are there animals?

How are we never bored?

I had to restrain myself from tweeting the whole essay, but here’s an excerpt. He’s answering the question of whether we’ll know everything in heaven, and comes to the conclusion that though we’ll know much more than we know on earth, it will be our joy to be as children as forever in the glory of our own smallness:


Even if there is no curtain in Heaven, even if our consciousness there dashes against no wall or limit, still we remain like the tiny figures in a Chinese landscape: small subjects in an enormously larger objective world. Even if we then escape from the tiny hut in which we are now imprisoned and through whose smudged windows or chinks in whose walls we now must look – even if we wander freely in the country of light – we are in the light, not the light in us. Our first and last wisdom in Heaven is Socratic, just as it is on earth: to know how little we know. If there is no end of the need for humility in the moral order (the saint is the one humble enough not to think he is a saint), the same is true of the intellectual order (the wise man is the one humble enough to know he has no wisdom). It all depends on the standard of judgment: by earthly standards most of us are moderately saintly and moderately wise; by Heavenly standards all of us, even in Heaven, are children. And by the standard of the infinite, inexhaustible perfection of God, we remain children forever. Happy children, fulfilled children, but children.

Read the whole thing here. 

“Seize the Day” (an essay)

74_503471871557_2864_nGoing through my journals from high school this morning, I ran across an essay I wrote when I was sixteen years old.

I started reading it out loud and it brought tears to my eyes, because it’s so true. There’s so much beauty around us, if we only had eyes to see it.

Today I’m sharing some excerpts from that essay. May it inspire you to appreciate anew the wonders of life. Continue reading

Love and Its Ways (A Poem)

Been listening to Whitman all day. Feeling angry and impassioned and inspired.

And I found out that two of my friends who I work with are dating, and I started describing the moment a few weeks ago when I suspected there was something between them, and she said to me, “You should write about that.”

And I did. Continue reading