The Spiritual Abuse Survivor’s Network

So I stumbled on this great resource and community called the Spiritual Abuse Survivor’s Network. Their goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of spiritual abuse by promoting bloggers who have been abused and are using their voices to speak out against the injustices they’ve seen committed in the name of religion.

I love it and think it’s important because too often the reality of this kind of evil is just swept under the carpet. We don’t like to admit that our churches might not be safe. So we flatter ourselves that the biggest dangers lurk somewhere out there, beyond our borders. We’ve built whole mythologies around “ritual satanic abuse” and an Antichrist who comes from overseas bearing an olive branch of deception; when the truth is that often the most dangerous place is the place where we’ve fled for protection.

So I’m glad to have connected with these writers and bloggers who are trying to educate the Church on the evils that hide in the shadow of our crosses. Below you’ll find links to all the blogs in the Spiritual Abuse Survivor’s Network.

Check back tomorrow for my new post on Seven Warning Signs of Spiritual Abuse. And stay vigilant!

No Longer Quivering – Vyckie Garrison

Seeking The Light – Calulu

Love, Joy, Feminism – Libby Anne

The Phoenix and the Olive Branch – Sierra

Wordgazer’s Words – Kristen Rosser

Incongruous Circumspection – Joe Sands

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Permission to Live – Melissa

Baptist Taliban and Beyond – Cindy Foster

Mari’s Muses – Mari

Past Tense Present Progressive – Latebloomer

Dispelled: One Girl’s Journey in a Homeschool Cult – Chandra Bernat

Hopewell Takes on Life!

The Way Forward – Bruce Gerencser

Becoming WorldlyHeather Doney

Defeating The DragonsSamantha

I Am Phoenix – AJ

Wide Open World – Lana Hope

Feminist in Spite of Them – Sarah Henderson

Leaving Fundamentalism – Jonny Scaramanga

Love is Not Equal to Love – Mere Dreamer

Quiver Full of Information

Rethinking Vision Forum


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