Nine Totally Random Facts about Me

Soenhanced-buzz-10685-1340208663-7 this meme has been going around on Facebook, and at first I wasn’t really planning on participating, but I realize a bunch of new people have been reading and subscribing to my blog who might not know anything about me. So for the sake of introducing myself, here are nine (I think) interesting facts about me: Continue reading


Parks & Recreation: TV Top 10

608Tonight I’m beginning a new thing on my blog: Pop Culture Sundays, where I’ll be exploring some of my favorite books, movies, bands, and TV shows. We’ll be kicking things off with a look at one of my favorite shows, NBC’s Parks & Recreation, in anticipation of the series premiere on Thursday, September 26.

When Parks & Rec first aired in the middle of The Office’s fifth season, reviews were overwhelmingly negative. It was viewed as nothing more than a weak imitation of The Office, with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) playing a poor man’s Michael Scott. The fact that it was being helmed by Michael Schur (Mose Schrute) and that both shows featured Rashida Jones in supporting roles did not help things.

Many people quit watching before the end of the first season. That was a huge mistake. Continue reading