My 100 Favorite Songs

It’s October again, which means it’s time to update my favorite songs list.

This is my third year to make this list.

This year I really fell in love with electronic and ambient music. (Thus the ridiculous number of songs by Moby). But as always, Belle & Sebastian is the most represented band, with ten songs (or eleven, if you count “Acts of the Apostle I & II” as two songs).

Some great new bands that I encountered for the first time are Okkervil River, the bird & the bee, The Postmarks, Dr. Dog, and The Civil Wars.

But I would like to single out two songs that I first heard in October of last year. They’re both sad songs, dark songs.

The first is “Iscariot,” from the Virginia-based indie folk band The Last Bison.

The second is “Jamie,” by husband-and-wife duo Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. A song of lamentation for a troubled but poetic young soul struggling to break free, it could just as easily have been titled “Jesse.”

Here’s the complete list.

Special mention:

The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot (read by Sir Alec Guinness)


1. Don’t Look Back in Anger                                          Oasis

2. White Owl                                                               Josh Garrels

3. Waiting for the Moon to Rise                                     Belle & Sebastian

4. Everybody’s Changing                                                Keane

5. Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect                              The Decemberists

6. When You Were Young                                            The Killers

7. Mr. Jones                                                                  Counting Crows

8. Thunder Road                                                            Bruce Springsteen

9. The Boy with the Arab Strap                                      Belle & Sebastian

10. We Were Set Up                                                      Canasta


11. Stop for a Minute                                                     Keane (with K’naan)

12. Extreme Ways (Bourne’s Anthem)                            Moby

13. Jamie                                                          Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

14. Let There Be Love                                                    Oasis

15. Why Does It Always Rain on Me?                            Travis

16. The Scientist                                                            Coldplay

17. Belle & Sebastian                                                      Belle & Sebastian

18. Iscariot                                                                    The Last Bison

19. We Are All Made of Stars                                         Moby

20. Look What You’ve Done                                          Jet


 21. Abbey Road Medley                                                 The Beatles

22. All These Things that I’ve Done                                The Killers

23. Such Great Heights                                                  Postal Service

24. Can’t Stop Now                                                       Keane

25. Fox in the Snow                                                      Belle & Sebastian

26. A Day in the Life                                                     The Beatles

27. The Blues Are Still Blue                                            Belle & Sebastian

28. my love                                                                   the bird & the bee

29. Get Away                                                                Dr. Dog

30. Natural Blues                                                           Moby


31. My Wandering Days Are Over                                  Belle & Sebastian

32. Driftwood                                                                Travis

33. The Man Who Sold the World                                 David Bowie

34. Flesh & Bone                                                           The Killers

35. Back Streets                                                             Bruce Springsteen

36. This Ladder is Ours                                                  The Joy Formidable

37. Seventeen                                                                Jet

38. Ya Hey                                                                    Vampire Weekend

39. Allemande                                                               Keane

40. Suzanne                                                                  Leonard Cohen


41. Love                                                                        Dr. Dog

42. El Paso                                                                    Marty Robbins

43. Crazy                                                                      Gnarls Barkley

44. Black                                               Danger Mouse (with Norah Jones)

45. Birmingham                                                                        Snow Machine

46. It Was My Season                                                    Okkervil River

47. Cattail Down                                                           mewithoutYou

48. Westfall                                                                  Okkervil River

49. Slip Away                                                                Josh Garrels

50. Fixing a Hole                                                           The Beatles


51. Death to Everyone but Us                                         Felix

52. Blue Skies                                                                Jaymay

53. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue                                                Bob Dylan

54. Late Night Drama Queen                             Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

55. There Were Roses                                                    Jimmy Keane

56. A Rush of Blood to the Head                                                Coldplay

57. You’d Rather Run                                                    Jaymay

58. If You’re Feeling Sinister                                          Belle & Sebastian

59. One of These Mornings                                            Moby

60. So Long, Marianne                                                   Leonard Cohen


61. Falling                                                                    The Civil Wars

62. The Card Cheat                                                        The Clash

63. Dry the Rain                                                            Beta Band

64. Switzerland                                                             The Last Bison

65. Singer Songwriter                                                    Okkervil River

66. Weight of the World                       Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folk

67. The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer                       Dr. Dog

68. Time of the Season                                                   The Zombies

69. Your Mother Should Know                                      The Beatles

70. Flowers in the Window                                           Travis


71. Barton Hollow                                                         The Civil Wars

72. Casimir Pulaski Day                                                 Sufjan Stevens

73. Drops of Jupiter                                                       Train

74. All Will Be Well                                                      The Gabe Dixon Band

75. When I Look at the World                                       U2

76. New Kid in Town                                                    The Eagles

77. Champagne Supernova                                             Oasis

78. You’re Beautiful                                                       James Blunt

79. Famous Last Words                                                 Jars of Clay

80. One of These Things First                                         Nick Drake


81. Goodbye                                                                  The Postmarks

82. Goodbye, I!                                                              mewithoutYou

83. Band on the Run                                                      Paul McCartney

84. Stars of Track & Field                                               Belle & Sebastian

85. Seattle                                                                     Travis Jeffords ‘07

86. The Unforgettable Fire                                             U2

87. Smile like You Mean It                                            The Killers

88. No One Said this Would Be Easy                              The Postmarks

89. Desolation Row                                                       Bob Dylan

90. Eleanor Rigby                                                          The Beatles


91. The Window                                                           Leonard Cohen

92. Fruit Tree                                                                Nick Drake

93. Wake Up                                                                 Pas Neos

94. Acts of the Apostles I & II                                        Belle & Sebastian

95. Seeing Other People                                                 Belle & Sebastian

96. diamond dave                                                          the bird & the bee

97. Collide                                                                    Jars of Clay

98. The Boxer                                                                Simon & Garfunkel

99. Sunday Morning Coming Down                               Johnny Cash

100. You Found Me                                                       The Fray

101. One                                                                       U2


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